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We regularly move back and forth between each other’s computers, which often results in one of us buying music with the other person’s account.

When I tried exporting to see what would happen, I got a mixture of both internal and external paths in the resulting XML file.

I tried doing the same thing when not trying to open a different library and got the same result.

I'm trying to merge two different i Tunes libraries.

The bigger one (on an external HD) is the default library, so I am trying to open the smaller one (on the internal HD) to export it.

(for the subcrates folder in _Serato_B / _Serato_C etc you’ll want to open the folder and just copy the .crate files across into this folder)folder from _Serato_A to the new _Serato_ folder.

Again, much like the subcrates folder, this folder shouldn’t exist in the new _Serato_ just yet so you’ll need to make sure you move the folder as well. XML files) for custom mappings of Serato DJ hardware & third party devices, if you’ve mapped these on another computer you will need to copy these across to maintain your mapping files.

You’ll be guided through a quick registration process, and then younity will start working its magic by indexing all of your i Tunes music, regardless of what account or library there are in.

Even better, it’ll grab all your music that is hidden away in the crevices of your hard drive and any external drives you may have plugged in, and combine them into one seamless library.

However, as the first step of this I need to option click and hold down option while i Tunes is loading.

It then prompts me to enter the location of the library to open, and I select the location of the smaller directory.

After the scan is done, you’re only a step away from merge i Tunes accounts heaven!