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Their unique brand of racism was shaped by a historical desire to shift the blame for all national misfortunes onto "them". The real test for what we build will be when it comes face to face with foreign products and finds itself in competition with the unofficial hire network which passes the films on from hand to hand.

The worst floods to hit Mozambique in years have made the province of Gaza a disaster area.

They were aided in their project by the Volodarsky Tram Park.

The tram started running as far as Strelna and that is the route of our new excursion.

We are planning a third route, past the Nevsky Gates".

The driver for the first trip along the Oranela was Igor Timofeevich Skvortsov.

It was he who five years ago brought the old Bresh tram out of its place of retirement in the tram park and all this time had been driving it along a tourist route.

With its elegantly inscribed sides saying: "Passengers must not alight whilst the carriage is in motion", it runs regularly through the city's streets.

Only the experts could tell the difference between it and the real Bresh trams brought from England in 1907.Lazarev whose idea it had been to open up these routes for tourist excursions."Unfortunately the First World War meant that the Oranela, which is short for Oranienbaum Electric Line, was not finished.The old tram pulled away from the stop on Admiralty Avenue. Our excursion along the Oranela, one of the first lines, has become the second tram route into the past.For five years now people can see this eajly 20th century tram running along the roads and avenues of Petersburg. I remember that dramatic moment when poet after poet stepped up to the "first" open microphone in a Moscow literary club to recite their beloved liberal poems -written in great secret during the Brezhnev era. There are also great video opportunities for people living in far flung corners of the country who want to catch up with cultural events in town. I would like to believe that video is the last socio-cultural innovation of our time to catch us unprepared. My heart starts bleeding at the sight of petty intrigues in our literary corridors: writers trying to bite and outbark each other in order to get into the limelight. Search for the "enemy" is all the more horrible when it is of ethnic origin, -when people are harassed because of their genealogical roots and those who do this find sadistic pleasure trying to establish the original names of the mothers and fathers of their victims. Censorship was a formative influence for this Liberal school.