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The number of unique visitors to dating websites has fallen 39% from April 2015 to April 2016.

Meanwhile, users of OKCupid, Match and Tinder devote 13 to 15 minutes of their day to find the best date.In Asia, Tinder is the most-loved app among users, followed by Badoo, Momo, Paktor, YYC, Heartbeep and i Pair: Meet your Match.It's the alt-universe where meeting people is too easy and someone better is always standing right next to them. The Internet is the most fertile ground for the term I recently coined, "vali-dating," which is when you go out with people just because you can.A major misconception about online dating is that everybody doing it is a garbage-clown, and every date a full-on disaster. It's so much better to go out with someone because you can't wait to be around them.Netflix Instant is great and all -- the most seamless way to fall into a Jean Claude Van Damme k-hole--but it feels like more of an event when you actually go out to the movies.

Online dating users are beginning to dump dating websites in favor of mobile dating apps.

Right now, there are already several mobile apps, but all of them are still able to build their own user base.

Average time spent daily by users on mobile dating apps Users of Grindr, for instance, give more than half an hour per day to use the app.

This is on your RSVP profile for people to choose if they like the sound of your character and background or not as well as your profile photo.

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