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And had the most amazing knack for getting people on her side. Got out a couple years ago and hasn't changed a bit!!! Within a month she moved from her place in California to a house with a fifty-something year old engineering professor at Georgia Tech in Atlanta.After we split up she went off the deep end and started drinking and popping prescription pills until she ran a guy over in the bike lane in California dragging him for a quarter mile before making a u turn and dislodging him. Oh and still thinks she's a princess" Source "My biggest red flag was when my ex said, 'I'm a princess, and you've gotta do a better job competing with other guys if you want to keep me.' I dumped her that night. She's 24, and now playing semi-step mom to 2 kids roughly half her age. On a side note, for any engineering students out there at Georgia Tech, if your prof is dating someone who is half his age and kinda looks like she doesn't dance ballet. Talks about how much she hates the 0 marble i Phone case her mom bought her. Yeah, I didn't stick around" Source "I had to deal with this more times than I ever thought I would. She flat out said on the first date all the rules to dating her She is very high maintenance and if I can't handle that, I should just leave now She expects at least 1 gift a week She expects at least 0 for shopping a week If she goes with her friends and their boyfriends and I tag along, I have to buy at least 2x the stuff the other bf's bought their gf's I can't take any pictures of her without her permission and if I do, she has to approve everyone that goes on social media If we go out with her parents, I have to pay the bill She wanted to go through my phone once a week to see that I'm not talking to other girls If I go hang out with my friends, I have to text her at least once and hour This girl was spoiled and wild beyond anything I've seen before.

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she would remind me often of how much better her car was. SHE LOOKS UP MY BANK ACCOUNT TO SEE HOW MUCH MONEY I HAVE!!!

She tells me this and criticizes that I only have $XXXX amt in the bank when she has $XXXXX I'm the bank and is 'So much better than me at saving money'.

This hoe starts tearing up, gives me puppydog eyes and says, 'I guess I'll put them back.' The sales attendant comes over and asks if we need any help and she tells her 'My girlfriend promised to buy me shoes and now she won't'.

I did what any sane person would do and just left" Source "I once dated a girl who had a dad that bought her everything.

Woman: 'I mean, you could be a sugar daddy, couldn't you? ' That was the end of that relationship"Source "Took a girl out on a date two weeks ago. Well I was going to pay for the whole meal anyways, even the five glasses of wine your alcoholic butt got. She prefaced the move by saying, 'Just so you know, I'm never gonna put your disgusting penis in my mouth'. Seeing as she was an absolute mess after housing five glasses of wine, and being pretty pissed off already, I refused her advances and drove her home. Then she proceeded to tell all of our mutual friends that I was pushy and creepy.

' Me, silent, looking at her oddly trying to decide if this is a bad joke. And I wouldn't be even if I were.' Woman: 'You don't want to be my sugar daddy? At the end of the date, she tried to have sex with me in my car.I'm surprised but you know, whatever, we all make dumb fashion choices.I head towards the 'cheaper' part of the mall, with the H&M and places I shop. She then gets really close to me and says, 'So are you gonna buy them for me? And I think she's joking so I say, 'Yeah totally.' It's only when she thanks me and heads for the register that I realize she is serious.She threw me out upon finding out there were no mashed potatoes.... Her parents filled her and her sister's sbux cards with a couple hundred each every month. She goes to the gas station, calls her dad, and whines and complains until he drives there just to put the gas in her truck.He would pick up their SUVs and gas them up and get them washed so they didn't have to. So glad I didn't stick with that one" Source "My brother's wife decided when she wanted to get engaged, designed and picked out her ring, and called my wife sobbing (at 11 am) on the day he was 'supposed to' propose and said, 'I think we are done, it was supposed to happen today, we agreed it would be today and I just can't wait anymore' They facetimed us at 3pm and were engaged"Source "My ex had princess as part of her screen name. Thought it was ok to flirt with men to get what she wanted, lies beyond belief. I guess those are the red flags I some how missed until that big one.He made a lot of money and was really great at saving it.