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I do think I should tell her but at the sametime I think it would be better to stay silent. Hello, I’m answering old questions as they still might help someone.

Leagues and things like not being good enough don’t exist. I always thought the same thing when I was younger and it’s taken me a long time to realise that people are just people.

) because I have braces and I feel so humiliated and confused because he's not normally like that??It’s the best feeling in the world being lay in bed with her, there’s nothing quite like it.He was really talkative at first, then he said he would be a bit busy this week, he didn't message me back, so i messaged him and he messaged me back.We planned to meet up on sunday and he was all for it, then he never messaged me back and when i messaged to say are we still on he never messaged back.Just be warned, I'll give you REAL advice that's actually relevant.

Anonymous asked: I had a group call with my boyfriend and my girlfriend (I'm poly) earlier and he got high at some point and started telling my gf how bad I am at oral (while I was there!If you want to, do reach out to the again and make sure they’re okay. Anonymous asked: I met someone who had the same interests as me, and I want to become their friend, but they're a few years older. They might think I'm too young to be their friend or they don't want to be a friend to someone who's younger then them. Hello, I’m answering old questions as they still might help someone.Nah, if they’re a nice person and worthy of being your friend, you wont seem to young to them. Anonymous asked: what do u do when ur 9 year old sister has been looking at fucked up porn(beastiality, incest and more) for upto 5 months since she was 8? im 18, btw Hello, I’m answering old questions as they still might help someone.I decided to leave because I don't want to ruin their happiness by showing my unhappiness. It’s hard to get over a difficult relationship situation.The girl is really worried about me now but hasn't spoken to me about it. The general idea in life is to behave in ways that reflect how healthy and balanced you are.If you think that sharing the information will help everyone involved then you can do it.