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A last-minute asylum claim strung out the process for three years.

In December 2009 he was finally put on a plane at Stansted and sent back to Albania.

He set up home in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, and ran a chain of car washes with his wife.

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But serious questions were being asked about how the murderer managed to get past UK Border Force officials.It is not clear whether he arrived clandestinely or failed to disclose his conviction.An Albanian killer who sneaked back into Britain after being deported is to be kicked out a second time.Ministers are seeking to remove Selami Cokaj, who runs a car wash business and lives with his family in a £830,000 house.And officials were left embarrassed yesterday when it became public that the 43-year-old had somehow slipped back into the country.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd can kick out Cokaj as an immigration offender and as a serious foreign criminal because his presence in the UK is not ‘in the public good’.

‘It is utterly unacceptable that a convicted murderer could enter Britain not once, but twice,’ he added.

Officials are understood to be putting together paperwork to deport Cokaj.

He first arrived in 1997, posing as a refugee from Kosovo, under the alias Valton Gashi.

Tory MP Philip Davies said: 'It's quite extraordinary this man could ever have got back into the UK.'It shows how weak our border controls are.'It makes you wonder how many other foreign criminals have sneaked back in.' A source told the Sun: 'He should have been picked up by Border Force when he entered the country.

The fact he wasn't suggests maybe he arrived clandestinely or didn't disclose the conviction.'Speaking in 2009, Pellumb Seferi, the head of Interpol in Tirana said: 'Selami Cokaj is one of the most wanted people in Albania because he committed homicide and armed robbery.'In January, it was revealed a convicted murderer from the Netherlands had been able to walk through Britain's borders without any checks.