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The three volumes of the encyclopedia issued thus far provide in-depth studies of sexual attitudes and behavior in 32 countries, including Argentina, China, Greece, India, Iran and Russia.The extensive report on the United States also was issued as a single volume work, Sexuality in America (Continuum, 1998).

As children, Danielle and Nicole used to tell skeptical friends and teachers that their father was a priest who taught sex.

Neighborhood children came to the girls with their questions, the answers for which they found in their dad's library. "My father brought home all sorts of people," Nicole explains, "those who were in the field of sexuality and in the Catholic Church.

Premarital sex is no longer a problem for 90 percent of Americans.

Those problems are out in the open and we're dealing with them.

There aren't many cultures where parents can talk to their kids about sex." In addition to teaching college students, Francoeur lectures at universities, corporations, government agencies and churches.

One important mission is teaching clergy members what they need to know about sexuality in order to be good pastoral counselors.He was very open with us and introduced us to different types of relationships." Because of that openness, Nicole, like her father, is accepting of alternative lifestyles.As a freshman at UD, she was the only heterosexual in the Gay and Lesbian Student Union. His ministerial work, he says, has been as a sex educator.He has authored or edited more than 30 books, including the college textbook, Becoming a Sexual Person (Macmillan, 2nd edition, 1991), and seven editions of Taking Sides: Clashing Views on Controversial Issues in Human Sexuality (Dushkin), plus countless articles.He has appeared on radio and television nearly 300 times, including interviews with Barbara Walters, Phil Donahue and Dick Cavett.After becoming a priest at the age of 27, he served as pastor at a small parish in the Ohio Valley and taught at a Catholic high school.