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Former Googler Sagi Shorrer cofounded brain training app Peak in 2012 with ex-employees of Amazon and EA Games.

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These collaborations allow local people to shape the art they want to see in their area.People involved in Creative People and Places projects are empowered to experiment with new and different approaches to develop inspiring, sustainable art programmes that will engage audiences in those communities.The UK's technology scene is filled with some seriously creative people.Whether designers who have come up with innovative branding, inventors behind new hardware, or markets, we've collected them all together.We ranked people by how creative their approach to technology is, the scale of the projects they're working on, and whether they're making or designing something new.

Scroll down to see our ranking of the most creative people in UK tech, sorted by just how innovative they are: Claire Cockerton is the CEO and chairwoman of technology consultancy firm Entiq.

Having previously led the Level39 startup accelerator in Canary Wharf, Cockerton is now heading up a new project in London's Olympic Park.

The project involves turning the former press centre into what she claims will be Europe's largest innovation centre.

This fund focuses on parts of the country where involvement in the arts is significantly below the national average.

We believe that everyone has the right to experience and be inspired by art and culture, so we want to transform the opportunities open to people in those places.

You can find details of these projects in the round 2 download below.