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I struggled to find anywhere decent to go out in Saigon.Only ended up in shitty bars and clubs full of backpackers and other travellers and the casino a few times but locals aren't allowed in those.i've done this a few times, and banged the girl while her friends pretended to sleep on the same bed Also, being alpha is good, most girls love it when you caveman, kino etc Where to stay: I usually check out - you can get a good, clean and centrally located 3 star hotel in District 1 within walking distance of Ben Thanh Market (lots of good cheap food and souvenir/clothes shopping etc) for USD30 a night.

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You guys should really try Vietnam Cupid, when you are in Saigon.

Tons of normal cute girls who will come to a first date, with their motorbike, especially if you live in District 1 (i.e to Vincom Center Mall).

Not at the level of The Philippines, in terms of ease or day game, but definitely worth a try.

The country has a real Asian feel to it, unlike the Phils, which often seems very Americanized. how does it compare to thailand..they worshiping the pale skin too or will us guys with a lil flava have some race troll but Thailand was not the same place for non white guys as it is for white as dramatic here or? Met a guy who trains BJJ over there who is Vietnamese but from the states. As far as the "All I found in Saigon was whores" comments, I take it with a grain of salt.

In Saigon the men are huge beer drinkers, with no game, so there is where your advantage lies. Normal Vietnamese girls feel shy or ashamed when drinking in front of the local people. But take a young normal girl to a nice dinner on the 2nd meeting and 95 percent of the times, she will come back to your place.

Generally, no drinks are involved and if you do have some sweet alcoholic drink, when she goes to your place, she will drink, at most half of it.

Theres also an after club place called Skybar 35 that closes 5am-ish, but it has some gangster types in there so be wary There are a few other clubs that are more famous like gossip, as well as the backpacker district bars, but i find these are usually crawling with WGs, so best avoided For day game, you can check out the girls working at the department stores and shops at Vincom Centre etc There's an amazing restaurant called Tram Chim (303 dien bien phu), all the waitresses here have crazy bodies.

Most are up for dates after work, just get their digits.

It was really good for expat chicks but there were loads of Vietnamese girls just standing around on the second floor, and it seemed most were hookers or something.

I think Saigon is a good place to game tourist and expat chicks though as they have fewer options since they aren't down with the Vietnamese guys.

Once I went to a place that was Vietnamese only, and the girls seemed regular, but it didn't seem they would be very open to foreigners.