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Some interesting facts about the Big Baobab In 2009, a task team from the Department of Chemistry, Babes-Bolyai University of Romania, funded by a grant from the Romanian National University Resaearch Council and the US National Science Foundation, estimated the age of the Big Baobab (the Sunland Baobab) to be around 6 000 years.

Due to the location of the Sunland Baobab, the lack of documentation relating to the area, and the varying growth speeds of baobabs, the size–age relation cannot be used for estimating accurately the age of African baobabs.

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Sunland’s Baobab is 22 meters high, and is some 47 meters in circumference.It is still (and is likely to remain so) "the record holder for the species", according to the SA Dendrological Society.You say “yes” or “no” to mates on the basis of profile photograph, and if you both say “yes” you can start talking and meet.The app is aimed at a younger market and the cut-off age is 50. To make it safer than similar apps it’s a requirement that all users must have a Facebook profile.

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Tsedi Dipholo, the council's chief operations officer, said parents had to be made aware that any child having a relationship with a teacher, regardless of their status, was a "no-no".

He urged parents to question their daughters if they suddenly appeared with expensive gadgets such as cellphones and tablets."We are raising our kids in a society where we treasure material things such as expensive tablets and cellphones."Dipholo confirmed that the council had been forced to withdraw cases against some teachers because parents refused to talk after being paid off by the teachers."Our challenge is to get parents to understand the implications of this behaviour when they don't talk."In the Limpopo bribery case, which took place last year, he said that the council was likely to reopen the investigation after the teacher allegedly failed to honour his promise of payment."We learnt that the teacher [had] offered them R10000.

In 1993 the van Heerdens cleared out the hollow centre of the tree, removing masses of compost build up, to uncover the floor about a meter below ground level.

In the process they found evidence of both Bushmen and Voortrekkers, attesting to the historical importance of the tree. A wine cellar was installed in a second hollow, with a constant temperature of 22° C, ventilated by natural vents. It is home to many bird species, including two pairs of owls. Elephants, monkeys and baboons depend on its fruit (the vitamin C content of one fruit is the equivalent of 4 oranges); bats pollinate them by crashing into the flowers while chasing insects; bush babies also spread the pollen; the pollen can be used as glue; the seeds are rich in protein, calcium, oil and phosphates - they can also be roasted and ground like coffee beans; young leaves have a high calcium content and can be used as spinach; the trunk is fibrous and can be woven into rope mats and paper; beer and tea can be made from the bark, but you need a strong constitution to drink either.

For large trees without a continuous sequence of growth rings in their trunk, such as the African baobab ( L.), the only accurate method for age determination is radiocarbon dating.