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Curofy, which tracks medical requirements related to references, medical advice, drug samples and medical devices, can also help reduce the cost of connections — particularly between doctors and devices — in the industry significantly.

Mumbai, May 18 () A Pune-based Startup has launched an App that uses mobile technology to enable hearing impaired people customise their listening experience by using results of a simple, interactive hearing test.

BENGALURU: When Dr Nirav Suthar, a general physician in Ahmedabad, was approached by a 65-year-old patient with an abnormally swollen foot, he couldn't diagnose the exact cause of the problem.

He posted a picture of the affected area along patient's symptoms on a new app for doctors and within hours got a detailed response from Dr Krishna Rao, a diabetologist from Andhra Pradesh who not only identified the disease but also listed out further investigations and the course of action.

Doctors operating from individual clinics in smaller cities often find it difficult to connect with peers or access specialist medical advice.

Curofy makes them part of a large community (of doctors.) Goyal said that during their initial research for the product, the Curofy team had studied doctor's behaviour and found that they preferred to socialise within closed group of medical professionals.

With the largest community of verified doctors connected over a single platform, Curofy claims to stand apart from its competitors like Docplexus and Daily Rounds.

The platform also allows medical suppliers notify relevant doctors about new medical drug samples, device demos, webinars, events and surveys.

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Taking cue from this, Curofy built an app that was spam free and allowed doctors to control access to their profiles.

According to their area of specialisation and interest, doctors registered on the app are notified about cases and content published on the app.

Launched last year by Gurgaon-based 911 India Healthcare Pvt Ltd, Curofy already has a large network of about 72,000 verified doctors across more than 550 cities in the country registered on its platform.