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Isn't it obvious to everyone of any size that the only logistic that matters is that genitals line up? I've had the soundtrack of "Annie Get Your Gun" stuck in my head all week.

ven Seinfeld covered this in Season 7, Episode 4, "The Wink": JERRY: Reversed positions? JERRY: So what, your genitals are still lined up.3) Positions. Aside from privy parts lining up, there are two specific positions I would like to address: Some men think that if I ride them, Cowgirl style (woman on top), they should be able to spin me like a Dreidel. Well it's not, little women are not limbless bobs!

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I have never thought of my sex life as anything to be curious about or different than the average person.

I suppose I've never spent time thinking about it because I know no other life.

This clandestine Hollywood hideaway made the Playboy Mansion seem like a rec center, but for the record, I love the Playboy Mansion.

But I digress, the only sexual pointers I'm able to offer as a little person are from experience with the opposite sex; brawny stouthearted specimens, Mmmm men.

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