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When it comes to your love life, “winging it” is for the birds.

Are you puzzled by the complex mating behaviors of the modern male? Dating expert Lauren Frances’s hands-on research has proven time and again that men are like wild things.

This would land me a date with Paul, the star quarterback, his scent an intoxicating blend of Ivory soap and cigarettes.

They also learned the value of rotating the talent. His MVPs are usually the women he thinks he'll have mind-blowing sex with. Men don't feel one shred of guilt about it because, after all, they're not married, so they don't have to act like they are. The Male String Theory of Dating hinges upon the "If you're dumb enough not to ask me, I'm not gonna be stupid enough to tell you" policy.

When little boys grow up and become men, they'll apply this principle to their love lives, too. Sidebar: It's amazing that more women don't ask the men they're dating if they're currently sexually involved with other women, or how many! romantic rule: It's not prying or rude to ask the men you're sleeping with about the competition you're up against, to find out the real odds of contracting STDs--or actual commitments--from them. The only way you'll find the right man is if you feel confident rejecting the wrong men fearlessly.

You’ll also learn guidelines for successful man selection. This smooth talker sings your praises but develops laryngitis when it comes to making a commitment. Solve your dating dilemmas by learning:• The power of Flock Appeal: Learn fabulous flirt techniques and the best ways to work the field.• Date interrogation: How to assess whether he’s Mr.

Wrong or if he’s flying right.• The secret bargaining power of your exclusivity: How to have “the Talk” about monogamy, and when to give him a timely ultimatum.• Manhandling Tips and Romantic Rules: Nip bad behavior in the bud by learning effective boundary-setting techniques.• “Magic words” guaranteed to soothe your savage beast.

They’re easily startled by fast moves, are content to sing your praises until talk of When it comes to your love life, “winging it” is for the birds.

They’re easily startled by fast moves, are content to sing your praises until talk of commitment begins, and often flee in an attempt to resist (emotional) arrest! In Dating, Mating, and Manhandling, you’ll get the most up-to-date romantic research and learn essentials like:• Flirtatious field techniques• The best places to man catch • How to decipher male sexual sign language• How to tell the difference between the Marrying Man and the Hardened Bachelor• How to get men eating out of the palm of your hand! This commitmentphobe would rather drown in the rain than get back in the barn. Is an extinct lover from your past ruining your present love life? With Lauren Frances’s Romantic Rules and Manhandling Techniques under your (garter) belt, you’ll go from mere boy-watching to dating, mating, and manhandling in no time! Dating, Mating, and Manhandling demystifies modern male courtship behavior and offers practical advice designed to help you catch and keep your Lovebird.On the contrary, most men subscribe to the Male String Theory of Dating.Boys were learning much more than teamwork in Little League. The Male String Theory of Dating A single male has his starting lineup of MVPs, then his Second String Girls, who like him just a little more than he likes them, and finally his Romantic Replacements, who are kept in a holding pattern on the bench.It makes us want to quickly give up the hunt and become "instantaneously monogamous" to a viable suitor once he's been found.Warning: The problem is that most men like to date women exactly the other way around.In this mildly racy dating manual, Frances, a columnist for Flaunt magazine, recommends that women juggle multiple men, much in the way that men are often thought to juggle multiple women.