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On the other hand, if he looks little different from the potential life-mate, the ranking hits zero.

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As a result, there are many other countries that rule the mail-order bride business far harder.

Brazilian women are as diverse as the country they live in.

It helps the mail-order market that Brazil constantly throws out images of beautiful, wiggly women for eyes to feast on.

Finding comfortable stereotypes is what draws in first-time bride-seekers, which helps make Brazil a relatively popular mail-order nation.

In fact, far from the retiring, submissive stereotype of lore, Chinese ladies are typically aggressive yet respectful. Also, the websites and movies don’t often tell you that the parochial nature of Chinese culture means that most ladies have never left their native country.

Therefore, they tend to be less worldly, and know few foreign languages.The means high marks on the exoticism scale, unless the bride-seeker is an ethnic purist.Ease of access: Any foreign language other than Portuguese is barely spoken, which is bad for Western bride-seekers.It is the language barrier and limited online visibility that complicates matters.Heavy emigration to the West after WWII resulted in large Indian communities being created in the cold northern climes, yet all government and academic studies state that these India-towns were less conducive to full integration in the host country, and so they retain many of their own traditions. Some fools mistake this ancient matchmaking scheme for the modern mail-order bride industry, but the main difference lies in the broker.Ease of access: A half century of godless communism has broken down many of the cultural restrictions on interracial marriage and shyness.