Dating materials using radioactive isotopes

That’s an assumption, not “irrefutable proof.” As for the idea that “there is a great amount of proof…that dinosaurs lived millions of years ago,” you should check out the dating of dinosaur bone fragments.

As you yourself have said, radioactive isotopes can be used to date bone fragments.

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The evidence seen around us in the rocks and fossils confirm the literal or face value reading of that narrative.As explained above, the very techniques of science were established by those who had a Christian view of the world rooted in the historical narrative of the Bible and the trustworthiness of both its author and the text itself.In our three article series on radiometric dating, we discuss in depth the assumptions that scientists must make.For example, it has to be assumed that all the daughter isotopes found in rocks today have been derived by radioactive decay of the parent isotopes.He is not capricious but has put order and regularity into His creation, and He is a reliable eyewitness of what happened in the past as recorded in the Bible.

Indeed, the early chapters of the Bible provide a sober historical narrative of the events that shaped the earth’s history.

You can read all about radiocarbon dating in the series of three articles on our website.

The best laboratories in the world, using the best equipment under the cleanest conditions over the last three decades, have been routinely finding measurable radiocarbon in coal, oil, natural gas, limestone, fossil bones, fossil shells, and even diamonds!

What we observe and measure today exists in the present.

We can repeat our observations tomorrow, but we can’t go back to last week to repeat them.

And what we read in the Bible is confirmed by the observations we make in the world around us.