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However, after the big Ala Wai spill, one man died from acquiring a flesh-eating bacteria infection after falling into the contaminated water. Hawaiian has admitted that they will raise prices immediately to “market level” if go! There is a distinct racial bias against white people and, to an similar extent, black people too. I have friend who is Hispanic and was treated like a local when he went to a bar, even having people buy him drinks.The city claims there was no connection between the infection and the release of sewage. But his white friends were given the cold shoulder, or at least not treated nearly as well. The term “haolie” is used to distinguish white people from all others here.

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Sure, the weather is nice but it really does get old after a while; I really miss having all four seasons.But apart from that, I can’t really find a lot of redeeming qualities about Hawaii.It’s considered an unofficial language of Hawaii; they have dictionaries, books, and even classes on how to speak it.To me, I just think the speaker is a completely illiterate imbecile when I hear it.And I’ve talked to several native Hawaiians who have stated that it actually means “soulless one”, implying that white people have no soul.

Speaking of language, since when is pidgin English considered a bona-fide language?

The city waited three days or so before they posted signs after one of the spills and only did it after public outcry. Hawaiian feels it has to charge the same but, since Hawaiian has a larger infrastructure due to also supplying intercontinental flights, they simply can’t afford to compete locally. used Hawaiian’s financial information illegally after gaining access to it during Hawaiian’s bankruptcy filings.

The reason is because they didn’t want to scare the tourists. So rather than competing on service or other things that may justify a higher price, Hawaiian is following the route of the music companies and trying to use the courts to prop up an outdated business model, or so it appears.

I have a lot more to complain about but I’ll save it for later.

But I know that I’m not alone in my distaste for Hawaii.

Nearly every single military person I’ve met hates it here and can’t wait for orders out of here.