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You know how Chinese people ask 吃饭了吗 (have you eaten rice) as a way to ask if you’ve eaten? That’s how most guys meet Korean girls in Singapore.If I work from 8-5pm, we’re living in opposite time zones.Well, literally, since he’s an Air Steward at the moment. Most Koreans I dated knew a bit of English, but if they don’t, GG (good game) for you. So for example, they’ll know what’s power, not strength.

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According to them, Singaporean men have bigger assets down there.At first I didn’t believe it, until I read the global size chart that trended online here.I had my arm stretched out, implying that I was still waiting for him.He finally that he was holding me back, so he quickly pulled out his wallet and placed a note on my hand.However, I do know of several marriages between Singaporean men and Korean girls. Chevonne tends to notice irrelevant details in movie scenes and little quirks about people. When not writing, she's an imaginary music critique who is easily amused by lame jokes.

At the end of the day, Benji emphasised that regardless of race, every relationship is about compromise. I pretended to clear my throat and murmured that the movie is going to be 2 hours long and we might get hungry inside the cinema.He gave a sigh before stacking another 2 pieces of notes on my hand.It’s easier to schedule time with a Singaporean partner. In tiny Singapore, it’s harder to pull away when you’re constantly reminded of the person through mutual friends. Taste is subjective and every girl has their own ideal type.If Korean girls make up their minds about breaking up, they’ll just tell you, sorry we can’t work out, please take care okay. As compared to Singaporeans, majority of Korean girls I meet behave like they’re prized possessions. But when I asked the Koreans, they said they like spontaneous men who can make them laugh. That’s not his actual name (nor photo) of course, for fear of getting NTUC Fairprice eggs thrown at him.