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We have been careful enough to choose the best websites, based on our experience and user-opinion.So, you would have the best online classified advertising sites similar to Craigslist in the end.Nevertheless, there are some serious downsides you’ll find with Craigslist, the lack of transparency being the major one.

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I have concluded that despite what is expressed in the post, CL is nothing more than a booty call site.” “CL is for people too bored at work, too stoned at home and too lazy to actually move from their chair to get a date.

Bottom-feeders of the online dating world.” Ouch, does it take one to know one?

I’ll tell you the serious downside of Craigslist shortly, but before that let’s know what is Craigslist, in the case, you don’t know.

Craigslist is one of the best online classified ads sites. There may be many reasons why you may need to find other sites similar to Craigslist.

After posting several ads on the site and personals section itself, I found plenty of people willing to tell me their Craigslist dating stories.

Most of the people who contacted me about their experiences were male.

Themes of “dating” through Craigslist include don’t make expectations and be careful.

Both of these warnings come on either side of the spectrum of what can happen. The disappointments can include prostitutes, theft, spam, scams and men — lots and lots of men contacting each other (usually unwelcomed). I was given stories of threesomes involving clipboards with checklists, back-alley blowjobs and a lot, a lot, a lot of hooking up.

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