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The Skadate website is very informative and the sales reps have been very professional and quick to answers all of my questions.

As soon as I can nail down a suitable domain I will be a Skadate entrepreneur.

The things that it allows you to do without the use of a programmer is truly amazing. The Skadate Team helped me get the site customized to my liking and as of two weeks ago we are now live. Every time I asked a question, even if it was in a hurry, they answered very correctly and tried to give a workable solution.

Having had programmers make numerous complicated web sites for me, I can tell you that I wish I had that on all of my sites. I am looking forward to all of the new upgrades that continuously come along and am excited to now be starting the design and customization of my second site using Skadate. The girls and guys from the support department are very professional in their work and have a very large know how in their skills.

Then they find that it was their template causing the problems.

Each day as I learn more about the program, I am more and more amazed at the administration panel. The best dating/social networking script I found was Skadate.

I find myself very lucky to end up with their software and support, after many disappointments with other dating software. But let’s just say that they are hands down the best application supported by a great software vendor.

You can take a look at my website: how great their software can be transformed to a fully customized datingsite with all the functionality you can ever wish for. I was assigned the task to hunt down the best social dating application for our portal sites. An application can only be as good as the company that develop and supports it.Their Skadate dating software is very detailed and customizable.You think you buy a standard site with some standard templates for that little amount of money but in fact you buy a little goldmine!When you describe in detail what you need in a mod for your site, they make it as you described it.They also look over your shoulder in many other cases, sometimes not directly related to the product they sold you.So that’s even a extension they give as help on their normal support.