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We have now spent over a month together including our first Christmas together and we both feel very strongly about each other and our future together.

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Essential Features: Mobile dating apps, Matchmaking, Advanced search, Profile cover gallery, Private messaging, Google Maps/location, SEO support, SPAM protection, Advertisement, Virtual gifts, Payment providers, Facebook Connect, Content Moderation, etc…

Additional Features: Memberships, Hot Lists, Messages, Photo albums, Finance, Moderation, Mass Mailing, Custom Pages, Guest Book, Profile Builder, User Points, Blocklist, etc…

If you aim at launching an online dating website or a social network comparable with Adult Friend Finder, e Harmony,, Shaadi, My Space, Facebook, Bebo, Friendster, Cyworld, hi5, Orkut, Linked In - Ska Date Dating and Community Software is the best platform to power up your project.

Ska Date Dating Software lets you choose what is best for you for the same price - a professional streamlined dating suite, or solution easily expanded with native and third-party social-networking and community features (plugins).

Choose which model of dating business suits you and we’ll advise you how to do that with Ska Date: You get plenty of dating-exclusive features, site monetization and security tools, as well as a variety of social networking and community plugins.