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Durations vary depending on the person’s particular situation and severity of drug use.

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Crack is a form of the stimulant cocaine and is sold as white or off-white crystals called rocks.

Crack first gained popularity in the 1980s as a cheaper alternative to powdered cocaine and is smoked to produce a quick, intense, and short-lived euphoric high.

One proven method of treating crack cocaine addiction incorporates many different therapies into one cohesive program.

This treatment course is known as the Matrix Model, and it works to foster a strong relationship between the recovering addict and his therapist.

There are several signs that can indicate that someone is smoking crack, including: Addiction to crack or other forms of cocaine is a medically recognized mental illness – diagnosed broadly as a "stimulant use disorder" – that often renders people unable to rationally control their use of the drug.

Like other forms of cocaine, crack produces a strong psychological dependence in users.Peer support groups, like Cocaine Anonymous or Life Ring, are also widely available and can play a crucial role in maintaining sobriety over the long term.Crack, like all forms of cocaine, is an addictive drug.There are currently no drugs approved for treating people with cocaine or crack addictions, but there is promising research into this field.For now, crack addiction treatment is focused on behavioral therapies and education.Preventing crack cocaine abuse relapse involves a different type of technique: cognitive-behavioral therapy, which helps the user better understand their addiction and triggers for use.