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But nobody here is willing to put a reactor in his backyard (NIMBY, or Not in My Back Yard). If energy becomes truly in short-supply, wars bigger than all the wars put together will ensue (there’s “glass half-empty” again). The alternative (making better choices now about how and where we get energy) is certainly a better option than kill or be killed. Lazy Man and Money presents Save Money at Baseball Games posted at Lazy Man and Money.So, I’ve said all that to say all this: revolution, change doesn’t come in waves; rather, it comes slowly. The Smarter Wallet presents Amazon Kindle Review: Electronic Book Reader Pros and Cons posted at The Smarter Wallet, saying, “Is the Amazon Kindle worth buying for the family?

And the attendant would bring out a little machine that would take an impression of your credit card, ask for your signature, tear out a copy for you, and then — you were done! But unlike a lot of things, my gut tells me that things have gotten worse. Today, you pump your own gas and pretty much carry out the entire transaction without any other humans intervening. Cartels are illegal here, but we, as a country, allow it and even embrace it. Now, it’s not so much OPEC as it is overwhelming demand coupled with a supply that is ever-dwindling. We must change the “all other things being equal” part. The underlying construction of the gasoline engine is exactly the same as when Henry Ford revolutionized the auto industry in the early 1900s. Electric cars are far more “fuel-efficient” than gasoline-powered cars. The service station attendant took your money, went into the office, got your change and a receipt, and returned to offer you a heart-felt “Good-bye.” And get this: If you paid by credit card, the price was the same! OPEC was, and still is, too powerful and ought to be illegal. By the way, this is how economists take really complex marketplace issues and boil them down into neat, easily-digestible “models” that work on paper but almost never in practice. (Solar, wind, water, natural gas) In addition, we’re using 100-year-old technology in gasoline-powered automobiles.Or harness the incredible power of the — get this — That’s right.The moon, which makes the tides, could be the source of our power!sherin presents My personal plan for creating investment portfolio for kid posted at THE MONEY MANIAC, saying, “Sharing my personal experience on creating a portfolio for my kid.” Jack Schmidt presents Sign of the Times: “Going Out Of Business – Eat Fast!

” Jack Schmidt presents Starting Young: Teaching Teens to Save Money.It’s like the “Overnight Sensation” that took 20 years of blood, sweat, and tears to make it “over night.” Problem is, we should have started taking the “baby steps” we needed to take several decades ago. ” Silicon Valley Blogger presents Best High Interest Savings Accounts In Online Banking posted at The Digerati Life, saying, “Show your kids how to pick the right savings account.” Jeff Rose presents 29 Good Reads About Kids And Money posted at Jeff Rose.I’m not going to suggest that “it’s too late,” but it is certainly disconcerting how we seem to have shown up to a party that dismantled years ago. Pinyo presents College Students Should Take Responsibility For Their Financial Situation posted at Moolanomy.When I was a kid, my grandparent, with whom my mom and I lived, owned a gas station. The sticking points are always energy storage (aka batteries).Back then, they were called “service stations.” For 27 cents a gallon, you got your windows washed, your tires checked and even filled, your oil checked, other under-the-hood fluids checked and topped off… Battery technology and the complex electrical switching that must occur in order to make this uber-power a viable source has lagged behind the rest of the solar industry. Of course, there’s wind and water or hydro power that is available.posted at KCLau’s Money Tips, saying, “Most couples want to begin their married life auspiciously and free from the problems.