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One of those weekends we had a little too much alcohol in our system and because we were already so attracted to each other, we started making out. We didn't officially start going out though, it was just a casual thing between us.

One day, Karan told me that he had called his old friends over for drinks and asked me to come too.

Though we had become great friends, we both had very different expectations from a relationship.

My first year in college was a year full of trying things I’d never experienced before.

Whether it was drinking, smoking or my first random hook up!

I sensed sexual tension between us and I felt that we might actually be good for each other now!

We went out for a couple of drinks the next weekend and I can never forget what happened!

We were heading to my friend’s place after that for a house party and the entire time from the bar to my friend’s place, we couldn’t keep our hands off each other!

Once we reached my friend’s place, there was no stopping us.

During that same year, I started dating a senior from college, Nikhil. His age was definitely one of the reasons I loved hanging out with him!

I met him for the first time at my friend’s birthday party. By the end of the party, I found myself slow dancing with this tall guy I’d never met before. Two months into the relationship we both realized that it wasn’t working out.

"During my freshman year of college, I was dating a senior.

I dumped him to date another guy and he was very bitter about it ... My and friends and I bought a composition book and wrote 'Jared's* Diary' on the front.

So I wasn’t surprised that Karan had no idea about Nikhil and me!