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Men want (in order of priority): (Rushton, Russell and Wells 1984; Rushton 1989) asserts that individuals tend to be more altruistic towards individuals who are genetically similar to themselves. However, it is in a man's interest to be seen to associate with attractive women.

A well-known phenomenon that is explained by the theory is positive assortive mating, that is, there is a greater tendency for people to choose a mate that resembles themselves in one more traits than would be expected by chance. Ignore the golden rule (the biblical rule of 'do as you would be done by' (Matt. The West has been subjected to three recent bouts of feminism, the concept of which is unscientific and unsustainable. Women use the term 'friend' to refer to men as a means of communicating that thus labelled men are not of sufficient status for a sexual relationship. In a brilliant and brave piece of science, Rushton introduced his (Rushton 1995) which uses r/K selection theory (Mac Arthur and Wilson 1967) to explain the persistent ordering of a number of traits exhibited by the following tricochtomy of races: Mongoloids (Orientals, East Asians), Caucasoids (whites, Europeans) and Negroids (blacks, Africans).

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Online Dating Advice: Exactly What To Say In A First Message « Ok Trends Sweden, Venezuela, Latvia, India, Puerto Rico and Lithuania (La Ruina 2007, p.

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However, too much genetic similarity between mates increases the chances that harmful recessive genes may combine. Do not over empathise: men and women are differently motivated, and assessed by very different criteria. Using Rushton’s hypothesis in conjunction with an analysis of the relevant literature led me to hypothesize the following.

Van den Berghe (1983) speculated that the ideal percentage of relatedness is 12.5% identical by descent, or the same as that between first cousins. Men and women of all races exhibit same race preferences (Fisman, et al.

For short-term relationships, women seek only high-ranked men.