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Please file issues, bugs, and enhancement ideas there, when possible.Pluginize was launched in 2016 by Web Dev Studios to promote, support, and house all of their Word Press products.

With Chat Rooms, we're significantly expanding the prominence and functionality of chat so your team can talk about anything in Quip, whether or not it's attached to a document.

Your team can use Quip as a collaboration hub and reduce your dependence on email at the same time.

Pluginize is not only creating new products for Word Press all the time, but also provides ongoing support and development for Word Press community favorites like CPTUI, CMB2, and more.

Today, we're thrilled to release Chat Rooms and a fresh new design for Quip.

Version bumps will still be published here on Word

You can find the repo at Dev Studios/Chat-Room.

You can @-mention documents in any message, and all recently mentioned documents show up next to the chat so you can easily get back to them: You can also create a new document and share it with everyone in the chat with the click of a button — a great way to transition from a design discussion to a design document, taking everyone in the chat with you.

Chat Rooms also integrate with third party services via Integrations.

Since Quip launched, we've been passionate about breaking down the barriers of the traditional productivity suite.

Quip blurs the lines between communication and productivity because we think the distinction is artificial.

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