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You’d see chain emails, find extramarital affairs, and be able to track how far along they were in their Christmas list.

You could code 200 wedding planning emails in a half hour, take an extended lunch and still make your document quota for the day.

And we are left with reviews that include only the most relevant documents. Pay has gone down just as the job has gotten harder. We’ve talked a little about foreign language reviews before, but the number of Japanese-language document review projects is truly stunning.

The whole point of controlling documented information is to make sure it is “available and suitable for use” and also “protected.” You’ll have to think about: How is documented information identified? Can a document be referred to without any confusion? Will they need hard copies, or some other offline distribution method? How do you protect the documented information from unauthorised changes, or loss? How do you review, update and re-approve documents? Do you regularly check to make sure the information is still correct? So all the stress and angst of preparing for trial with none of the monetary benefits. If you have information about a bad contract attorney job, send an email to [email protected]?subject=Worst Job with the subject line “Worst Job.” As for this week’s winner, send us an email with your mailing information and t-shirt size and you will be the proud owner of ATL swag.You should make sure that an application has debugging disabled before deploying into production scenario.

References to ‘documents’ and ‘records’ have now been replaced by “documented information” to better incorporate information contained in formats that might not be considered “documents”.

While I agree there are some nice features in Relativity, I like knowing a project is on Relativity because of familiarity.

The work of a contract attorney is fundamentally nomadic, and Relativity often seems like the most stable part of my job.

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This includes information embedded in software, digital files, videos, audio recordings, photographs, and also master samples – if that is part of how you communicate requirements. Will you make end users responsible for checking the status of their hard copies before each use? How will you identify/segregate/archive obsolete documents you might want to keep?