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Following a three-year period in which little was heard from the hot-property director, Liman returned with another attempt at capturing his unique brand of infectious energy, The Bourne Identity.Based on Robert Ludlum's novel concerning a hunted amnesiac attempting to unravel his mysterious past and inspired by the fever-pitch energy of Tom Tykwer's Run Lola Run (1998), The Bourne Identity featured Matt Damon as the titular hero and Lola herself (Franka Potente) as the woman who aids him in his quest.Rob explains that "somehow" girls "know" not to call their ex-boyfriends until they have completely moved on from them.

A 1988 graduate of Brown University, director Doug Liman found almost overnight success with his 1996 film Swingers.Only Liman's second film to date, it was written by his buddy Jon Favreau, who also acted as one of the film's stars alongside Vince Vaughn.Trent succeeds in picking up two waitresses, but Mike's obsession with Michelle ruins Trent's plans.Back in Los Angeles, Mike, Rob and other friends go bar hopping, stopping at party, and later an after-hours spot, where Trent demonstrates his prowess in handling the opposite sex.Written by Jon Favreau and directed by Doug Liman, the film starred Favreau and Vince Vaughn, and also featured performances by Ron Livingston and Heather Graham.

A critical and commercial hit, the film helped propel Favreau, Livingston, and Vaughn to stardom while also launching Doug Liman's directing career as he won the MTV award for Best New Filmmaker This film was rated #58 on Bravo's "100 Funniest Movies".

In addition to casting their friends in key roles, Favreau and Vaughn gave cameo roles to their family members.

Vaughn's father, Vernon Vaughn, plays the lucky gambler at the 0-minimum blackjack table, while Favreau's grandmother, Joan Favreau, is the lucky gambler at the -minimum blackjack table.

When Lorraine calls him, Mike ends his call with Michelle to connect further with Lorraine.

Favreau wrote the screenplay for Swingers in two weeks, with various friends in mind for key roles.

To help Mike with his depression, his womanizing friend Trent and some other aspiring actor friends try and get him back into the social scene.