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Catfishing can even be a tool for corporate espionage.

One catfisher actually caught a relative who was hatching a murder plot.

(CBS) –It’s the headline-making sports saga of 2013, and it’s all about what happened off-the-field: Notre Dame superstar Manti Te’o fell in love with a fake girlfriend he thought had died.

A whole new level of socializing and meeting prospective mates had opened, allowing people to do so without ever leaving their homes.Along with the rise of Internet matchmaking, however, came the problem of lying and online dishonesty.Psychiatrist Robert Hsiung says some people are more susceptible to online dating scammers.Particularly vulnerable are people who are overly trusting and conflict-averse, he says. Phil, speaking to CBS 2, says people who fall for romance hoaxes “have been betrayed, they have been abandoned, they have been left.” Galster says she was maybe too ready.All instances of catfishing involve some form of impersonation.

Also never give away financial information to anyone online, no matter how dire their situation might seem to be. Te’o was duped in a scheme called “catfishing.” Catfishing, per the Urban Dictionary, is the phenomenon of internet predators who fabricate online identities and entire social circles to trick people into emotional relationships. Both parks and recreation employee Toni Galster and chiropractic physician Liselotte Schuster were both duped after they joined online dating websites.With one in five relationships starting online, CBS 2’s Brad Edwards takes a closer look. “I see this Jack Jones, and he’s hot,” says Galster, of Antioch. This one was different, and he winked back.” Galster’s was a relationship born on in November 2012. “And voila — all of a sudden he needs financial help,” she said.One form of (dating) dishonesty is referred to as "catfishing." The risks of being a victim of catfishing range from annoyance at being tricked into a relationship, to other more serious problems.These include humiliation, cyberbullying and other emotional trauma, plus financial fraud and identity theft.REMEMBER THOSE FAMOUS ‘Nigerian prince’ email scams?