Dreamweaver cs3 template not updating who is phil lewis dating

This chapter assumes that you have completed all the steps mentioned in the earlier chapters.

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The least troublesome way to do this is to overwrite your old with an identical copy, except that this time, Dreamweaver has recorded the as being dependant on the template, so that the next time you modify the design of your template, this page will be automatically updated.Many sites, especially companies selling some goods and services on the Internet, have a page known as an "About Us" page.It is a useful tool for visitors who are looking for a particular page on your website but cannot find a direct link to it from whatever page they happen to be at.It is also good to have because it allows search engines a way to find all the pages of your website.In time, as you add more pages, the Site Map will become invaluable.

By now you should have no trouble creating a new page from your template. Replace the "Title" field with "Site Map of Example.com" (use your site name of course) and "Welcome" with "Site Map".This page basically tells the customers more about the company and its business.On some personal sites, the "About Us" page contains information about the author of the site.For example, let's say that you have decided you want to show your appreciation to for the help you received, by adding a button link to thesitewizard.com, like the following, to your side bar. Simply click the right mouse button on the image, select "Save" (or equivalent) from the menu, and save it into your website folder. Click in the space just after your navigation menu in the side bar.Click "Insert | Image" from the menu and select the image that you have just saved.In the "Alternate text" field, type "- Tutorials for Webmasters". In the "Properties" pane at the bottom of the page, enter "https:// into the "Link" field. When everything is complete, you can open all the pages on your site to see that Dreamweaver has updated every page on your website with your changes.