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wrlttne the ■ ■ ■ 1 wsuiim I to write It ta now two and a hai J esr» ainee I published TIM stum Look Down Hid another bitok ih dor from me t COUk J kill mfm U HI Arnold Urhrifi did to make Ll OOd U a year, hut I am cantenl with lew than half that "I aay I rfiahked beim a •]•.. no Lhln cotnln' in and every Uuir £oln out — weill you wouldn t believe 1: 1 And the Job I've ad to keep the manager and mine officials sweet — it's them the practice money comes through - what there 1* of it." she added hur- riedly. lu^l lull went i ■:n- Uir outrr tin : awtinkt open, and. when LL ct Ltne, was politely ironic iiuj: ujinuyiii FUy wi-H hnpd. I ■: ; every' thn^ huujs H'* rrwasurititi to meet the dear old muuibo-Jmn • mury. *" Pri-ii M-lvf Denny nodded Ha won atlrnt a mumrnt, cmitr mplattng Anrirr-w from beneath hi* Aanri\ evebrow*.

t..- Ile stopped tu pluek the arawi a.«i WS 1 nlr.t to walk. 11 I hsvr |m| PHI yr*r\ »f m ( imikil National Library of Australia 8626 Vol. tht (harming w Ur of thr new Cflnr- ^ f/w Auiiraiian Jrxkty Club, and htr ttdta dauqhttr. "You see, tbe way they work things In Blaenelly is like this— the Com- pany has three doctors on ita l Ls L though mind you. a abort, pvfwr.rfulh Dhrit-Ewt, nrd-faced mail of thirty -tfollrd IP, tullowed t»y a dog i Wna a «Urner while the |riurk ■ : ii i uuj mandrel M|uatted on Its niudd y haiunctiett, a i u i 'In man. "I saw a light iu your window ii.- r w.u pas^inu Thoii Rhl lit leak in to welcome yau I'm Lhinnrr packet threw tiie ■natch an the floor, and rtrollrd for- ward ni Moiuntly He pivkift] up th* Doi Ul' of medicine, t L*ad thr ad ■ drea.1, the directionfi, ururorked It. rwortcw J Lt and put it down, m ttlnrusr rrd fact- turning blandly comptinieiibmry.

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lli urtenej 1 drner lnm Ui I 1 aiwaya work uudef eniuunhs! he aayk -All Uir time 1 wma m south "Wa Jcfl I I turned with ujjl LKnauon ai crraiti LFm L of lhr miiierr. SL, Mile End, SJL mrti T amnio Cf«wn flcvp % Ba Jutj Criu&brd Choja, B*JC£d Po*.«l Of» Msntnr, Ou TTJt*, B*xe taste. Make fat hot In saucepan, adtifnmnu K* and tbwv*3 mto& Drj no*; let Chctn diaeatec. Then the girl said, "There'* nothing more you want here, is there. " trouble* snu sketched a vague out- line of the practice and lis position. fticholls has s u'ould-be teller called Denny — but the assistants don't ever get on the Company's list Anyway, at I was say In', the Com- pany deducts so much from every mati'i wages ttsey employ at the mtrm and quarries and pays that out lo ihr Listed doctors axoordirut to ow many of ihe men Sinn* on with them" She Urolct on und Tr the strain of her LUlteracy and an overloaded suunarh. mood inn of ho* it* would be jnndr tii* of by Rlortwen Pine to run the prnc- tier (or hi* disabled principal Tt wa\ h Urangp situation. ied bed Hi F ji.-irj.-ii- my Stl L YAP B •tioun, *Ue ul a Mw| puddlrr nftiiinj WUlmtn*. Thm- wji- 1 y COITHAST HEELS / IN THE Ni: W DULL SHEEfl I'r^Htigr ii thr ntotft hilrrrfiliii R dlorkiuit in yc-arrt- Tlierlcverf* Jn« ipn ril ninluur of iln altrnrlt Trly iihlipi'cl hrrl ik nitml ^1 rndrri#tinfz and flallrrtng . doctor, that tn airld urthudoxy the tablcvpoonfuhi Khould pane down tht- u« a |T)|1iiimj U) thr woodro sheo broiun anty by the drummth K Of the win upon the nti roof. vou kii'iw Attain Urnny laughed HI* lauuh Wo» an ituuit whlr:ii made flaufrnr lan K t.r* hh him "Witty, witty, my drur dortnr The tntr Scubv ifram- roller humor Unfortunately I aui H m-cnutirml the water heir a,s heing ideally united for n spa Am Lei Hit- mrdteai ^nulctiirii— my rfr-nr dontor, in Utth volley- thuy Ve the raa-Luc and bobtail at ft Klurb-m*. "ljook here, Mam.-ni I reulln- you rr pooain A throu Kti «n your wav in Horley Street, but tn thr meantime there «re onr or xwo Uihutn k boui iltii plur- van uiit Mit tn know Ynu won't find It ennform t* lhr lr&t tnnlitlnnb nl rorriantie pnur Upe 'riien»- 5 no hosplta], no ambulance cd X-rayu, no anylhirai If you want to operate you uac lite kitchen table You wa*h up afinrwurd* at the irullery bobti I'lrane turn to An/ l l nat National Library of Australia Saiurdau, October 9.

The hintory ui the ctetlfteld A in n hbitory of broken jifrdtfes Days of Poverty lyitfc N vou nrt- drbnrrrd from life ' aordmi life of your friend.* u t wna by poverty in my itude Tit d»yn It develop* wtjoie Uiuiif Iruldr you— in my esse Uir Mime Uun*- Uut irrt to Hie wrttinyt of books Thw nunrry kucctu 1 un mil tnoi rnougri to disparage it^dk J not rca Oty lnlerrt.t rur I «an rjcurm lome Mtiny I nlwoyjt w£LU(ed to do. — «=» w«»ki i rauia tn tn» tnree wetlow la wauii /ud^lca h Mx bem Cnattacd: .1 Recipes That Won £50 Each £M for Economical Dinner Menu Awarded to MRS. °"Ifi been awful, my dee-ar Tou don t know What with Dorinr Page a Illness, wicked bad assistant*. And very difleicru from any romantic pirtujv which ill fmirv diuuji hum paltltrij Yf Ft. and *» hr B p- prunclird thr bnlaltk' with • faai- frenling henrl he lelt overwhelm- irt Kly, tin- ^nmftrnnw of \tti? ♦ vltl r*j n Ira »l in- p colour, u uiir/jrlc ui ^uui! Suddenly Denny laughed, a mocking upprt-naiion of tlic blank txpresslnn on Andrew'* foe*. B truly nobir |Tfaf t Mion ." "Inctudlnic your self? X KK sanitation won't Wr looking o V In a dry sum- mer the kids die Ilk* fllei with in- fantile cholera Page, your ban*, vu * good old doctor. From white, black, Latin, to Asian; you can experience every color of the erotic spectrum showing that we are indeed all equal in the wild world of skin flicks. We have a premium HD section showcasing every sweaty detail.Browse our wide variety of categories or get specific with our list of search tags. Live sex is always a click away with our bevy of buxom cam girls who strip and fuck on command.and when he t*ll» WBW- I Ihinx trial excites him be aita forward and rlajiin anil unc Jacpa bin liant U with ear.h benriinq nt the body while h U fresh tunbunu-d facr ulnwa. of araaa that have oaoapad uir mower Br ntcka Uwrn and tucfc at i "I wrote 'llallrra Leji Lle' un twu I penny artioul rxerrtw bouha," he ■aya. Deiaiinf nvc her an audition and enturd her for the Aualraltarj tnur with Mis. National Library of Australia Saturday, October S. Tlitiugi she admitted the visor and alert Imel Utrrnee in Andrew's face, wtui pleased her moat of alt was Ida ■xcapuuice. mere a a call for No « Olydar Place It come In the bat s of Bvt o'ek K*. Arulrca OKkcd Uuwiell thai question with ti s-Ualned intensity u fie went aver her (ieuin Hir, hriil eat*. hlft Um vr ul Uitfin And with mis head dawn, thinting des- peraielj. and Andrew, presented with a list of vtftltii by Jenkuu. Page replied with cln ECd eye3 r not rnoving^ as though the tufjrr set o* Pjwech were enough to aggravate hia migraine. We've no hoa- pito L lei alone on Isolation ward If you ahould run Into anylrdne very narty. I "When I nunr to L^indntt in 1920 f hul U up a Mjen««aful Went End prnr Ur* I bnlieve a dnt'Uir I cmdd have mad€ aa murh ah I rtr* a* a niivclfrt. to satfl Mcan: add rom Sour fllfndfd witn a Ut Ua milt and t Uj UE Mllb K- Add milk and rarb soda and last brint tn U» bott. Complon- M1M Charles hi the daughter of the late W. 1937 7 ho \r STR ALIAN WOMKIVS WEEKLY wiiri a :nln slice cold boiled tjrti- «« For Un P«c however there a not beefsteak and onions, with pint bottle ol oatmeal stout Aa she lifted ihe rover fraro her .janusl dish inrl cut Into tut Juicy meat her teeth watering in rkpei! she Mplairied' "I didn't have much ranch, doctor Balds, t got 10 watch my diet It a tilt blood. brr Atlluui a trifle -avily her round Utile ebeeks ■lushed and shiny. without demur, of that scanty cut from the three days' old heel ol brisket- She reflet* led that, though he looked hungry, he might not be hard to feed. You better do 11 straight airay " Plraae turn to Srxt faff' National Library of Australia 10 The AILSTKALIAIN WOMETS « KKKLV Saturday, October ». A, LNDREW went «Ul in the nit immediately with k q LM't T seiumuuti ttlmoftt o! - floored room rir t-umiurd ihp iiatinit with irn Jtw Ioiifl care Thei r wan no duubt About It. no inid^iit uark to thr iiirtcrry ^ rauuluuthir wowien ttrec- llun .t 1 .i ; m ji 1 1 Kt the milruitci lv PMge'ft diive. Net out at once Thomn,i Ln the With an Almmt painful ex- pectancy he told the old grrwn to drive .j ir -.:! -- tim days Jenkins had been i mi ling theni with chalk and optiinv Now, whatever his own bungfjng ef- forts Ol the pnjvtous night had been Andrew realised with a shiver of apnrciic Qslnn that he had an out- break al typhoid fever on bis hands. ring up Gnrhthji at Tnmlglun Tluxt's ilftpcn udlea dawn the val- ley. For those who require the hottest porn on the web, is here to satisfy all of your carnal cravings.