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If she’s your girlfriend; the above rules aren’t applicable since you’d already been sexual with her. If you’re bad at it [bad timing], it’d fuck you up and you’ll loose the girl.

If you’re half-way decent at it: you’ll be looked at as a sex God by women whom you come in contact with.

Not that this is inherently a bad idea, but you have to be socially aware enough as to when you can go verbally sexual and when you shouldn’t.: Another common mistake when it comes to talking dirty is to jump right into it without warming the girl up first.So you still don’t know what is so great about Indian sex chat? Have you ever had a hot and steamy conversation with someone you either know or don’t know? I mean, once you enter that realm of sexual tension and have a girl say some hot and steamy shit (excuse my French) and tell you all kinds of things she normally wouldn’t say. I even remember this one time, when I was running a cyber café.Now, irrelevant of the answer, would you want to have one right now or maybe pretty soon? It could be through a verbal phone conversation, through a webcam, or sending text messages , or even face to face. I had my friends coming over daily and they would sit there and talk to girls on MSN (This was way before the days of Whatsapp!: Although not a mistake per se, but more of a conditioning, the average guy gets paralyzed at the thought of getting verbally dirty with women [sexually]. Sparing you the drawn-out proceedings, I’ll get straight into the heart of the matter!

The impact of course will be more profound if done in person as on a date or lying in bed with the girl.Have you ever thought of what it would or could be like? ) This one friend told me that he had been talking with this girl for weeks and he just couldn’t get her to agree to go on a date. It can be either like prepping up for the real deal or just doing it to get the satisfaction out of the conversation alone. I get an enormous ego boost when I can turn a girl on through sending her text messages.I’ve also witnessed guys attempt to talk dirty with girls but they run with it before crawling and taking baby steps.This also shows a lack of social intelligence on the guy’s part.Tweet The Summer is upon us, which means more opportunities for guys who live in colder regions to get laid more since hotties are now crawling out of their Winter hibernation looking to get laid also [mutual accord]!