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When the 6-foot-4-inch bald man in a superbly tailored cream suit and navy silk shirt—worn with three buttons open—utters phrases like “Who loves you, baby?

” and “You ain’t used to the real thing,” New York women find themselves a little giddy.

read full article Comedian Shows The ‘Full Telly’ published: September 24, 2011 People notice when Telly Savalas walks into a bar.

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Mollie Zessin, then 24 years old, replied that she would be attending a Jewish dance at the Metropolitan Club and coyly told him he could join her. Ackerman, the dashing owner of a male modeling agency and an occasional hat model himself, kept the date. Grand Central Terminal, a birthplace of modern commuting celebrating its 100th birthday on Friday, stands as a symbol of the comings and goings of the city and the nation—the scene of more boisterous hellos and tearful goodbyes than can be counted.

read full article The Delaware Thwarts the Reenactors published: October 22, 2011 The Delaware River was angry and swollen Tuesday morning as an impeccable Gen. Nearby, a scrum of middle-age soldiers dressed in woolen breeches and pointy hats analyzed weather reports on their cellphones.

It’s the sound of an early-morning arms race to meet the demands of the city’s power groomers. Yet roses and other blooms are an often forgotten accoutrement for the couples who get married in in Manhattan’s City Clerk’s office each year.

The blow-dry-only salon, opened last month by stylist and reality TV star Rachel Zoe, took the unusual step of accepting a.m. During the first week the salon was open in February, that early time slot booked the quickest,which came as no surprise to Dream Dry CEO Robin Moraetes. read full article Nun’s Divine Intervention Turns Nightclub into Thrift Store published: January 11, 2013 Some neighbors looked at the abandoned Astoria nightclub Studio 34 and saw the remnants of a good time.

The comedian and performance artist Tom Di Menna has been walking Manhattan streets in character as the Long Island-bred actor during the run of his one-man, cabaret-style homage to Savalas, “Who Loves You, Baby?

” The Soho Playhouse production runs through this weekend.“Then we ain’t going to be friends.” “I should definitely win,” the 6-foot-5 Mr. “Not only am I the most attractive doorman in this building, but I am also the tallest.” read full article Porcelain Makes a Splash at Restaurant Auction published: April 1, 2012 Those in the market for a secondhand urinal, take note.A set of four porcelain urinals specially designed in Japan are being auctioned next week in a fire sale of fixtures from the Maritime Hotel’s shuttered Matsuri full article Temple Mines for Members published: September 29, 2011 When political consultant Bradley Tusk orchestrated Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s victorious run for a third term, he owed much of his success to the novel use of consumer data to locate and target groups of voters.Now he’s turning those tactics toward a more spiritual aim. Tusk, along with Gary Ginsberg, a veteran of the Clinton White House and a founding editor of the magazine George, wants to turn his conservative synagogue, Town & Village on 14th Street, into the destination temple for young, unaffiliated Jewish Manhattanites.To squeeze in that extra billable hour, professional women in New York are increasingly holding work meetings at nail salons rather than the tired standbys of coffee shops or cocktail lounges.