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Macworld indicates that Windows Outlook messages can be transferred to Apple Mail or Entourage by using Mozilla Thunderbird as an intermediate agent.

Thunderbird on Windows is used to import the mail from Outlook.

Information may come from within Entourage or outside the program.

Entourage supported retrieving email using POP, IMAP, Entourage 2008 featured a new "My Day" utility, which assists in organizing one's day, and cites (in the welcome message) improvements to search speed, "to do" flags, improved junk mail and phishing protection, as well as quick navigation via favorites and customizable toolbars.

Entourage had included support for Microsoft Exchange servers since August 4, 2003, when the Exchange Update for Entourage X was released.

This early release required the use of IMAP for mail connectivity and Web DAV for address and calendar functionality.

Unlike the other applications in the Mac version of the Microsoft Office suite, Entourage did not share a name with its Microsoft Windows counterpart.

Microsoft claimed that Entourage was intended "to address an entirely different audience".Entourage supported some Mac OS technologies, like the Spotlight search engine and Apple Script; however, the use of a monolithic database made it difficult to back up incrementally with Time Machine.Entourage also maintained a separate address book, but allowed synchronization of contacts and calendar events through Sync Services.You connect your Apple computer to your email account by using a web browser in the same way that you connect a Windows computer.For instructions, go to Sign in to Outlook Web App. Connecting to your email account by using Outlook for Mac 2011 or Entourage 2008, Web Services Edition provides a more complete email experience than connecting to your email by using IMAP or POP.While messages could be received and viewed correctly, they could not be forwarded without all formatting being stripped out.