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Of course, till then, no one asked…more Nowadays, when men are working so much and they don’t have time for a serious relationship, they use escort services.

The popularity of escort girls increased because of presence of single males and because of guys who are in relationship but want more sexual experience.

This is the reason…more I am watching a very romantic movie, with a perfect family, the husband is working all day and sometimes night and his wife is staying at home, cleaning, cooking and staying with her children (a little boy and a 5 years old girl).

Their life is so perfect, they are happy, they have money… This topic was written for you from the pen of an experienced ex-escort girl and pornstar escort, who loves to share her experiences with you.

You remember I was doing a porn shoot here in Paris.

This cute production assistant named Armand was assigned to drive me around town and take special care…more My name is Sasha and what I'm about to share with you is a story of one of my recent porn movie shoots... But lately I've been getting offers by Paris movie production companies. Just last week I scooped up k for a two day shoot here in the states.…more Hello my readers, I am back with a brand new story, and I hope you will enjoy it!

A bucket of red roses was waiting for me with a letter, in which my client wrote me that he asks me to go with him to have dinner in a high class restaurant from X street (I cannot remember the…more Being a porn star escort girl in London was great because I met beautiful people, I worked with a great escort agency, which offered quality services both for escort girls and clients as well.

Let me tell you some of my experiences that I had in London in this story.

Everything was very simple:…more So like I promised you last time, I continue my experiences with that client from Brussels.