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You can watch channels featuring video clips put together by online video enthusiasts who simply love video and want to bring you the best video clips and content.The unknown actress Stacy Martin, 22, is Danish film director Lars von Trier's latest muse.Skarsgard told The Hollywood Reporter the film is "sexually explicit but, believe me, it will be a very bad wanking movie".

"I looked in the mirror and kept telling myself, 'You can do this'. There is a lot of humour which I hope people will understand.It is a story – it's not a porn movie."The half-French Martin, who goes out with Daniel Blumberg, the singer of indie band Yuck, grew up in Paris.I had to keep remembering that he chose me, or else I wouldn't be there if I wasn't capable.Sometimes I was rubbish and he allowed me to get that out of the way."But it was challenging for Martin, who had no acting experience, to be thrust in front of the camera as La Beouf's assertive girlfriend, with more naked scenes than most actresses have in a lifetime. The first part of the film is about Joe's younger life, the second part is when Gainsbourg takes over."I haven't seen Charlotte's scenes but I've heard we match pretty well.

Originally Lars didn't want to cast me so the fact I look like her mother Jane Birkin was not the reason why I got the part.She lived in Japan from the age of seven to 13 with her dad, Rene, a hair stylist and her mum Annette – then she returned to Paris until she moved to London aged 18 hoping to make it as an actress.Modelling was just a side job to fund her life in London – she saved up to do private acting classes, studied the Meisner technique of acting at the Actors' Temple, and studied Media and Cultural Studies at the London College of Communications.He said to me, 'Just take it day by day, scene by scene.It will all come together.' There is an element of trust."He doesn't give you tons of instructions, just lets you improvise. To work in that way is fabulous." A lot of the film was shot on a handheld camera.