Eve corp standings not updating

Data Centers This is one way that many people never learn about.At each Data Center you can find several agents that offer storyline missions that require you to turn in enemy faction tags to complete.After doing the level 1's and 2's from any of the factions, your faction standing is usually above 3.50. Caldari COSMOS (Old but still works) Amarr COSMOS (See note below) Gallente COSMOS Minmatar & Sisters of EVE COSMOS Amarr COSMOS: One thing to keep in mind with the Amarr COSMOS is that after the small amount of level 1 missions, you will need standing of 4.0 to start the agent chain after.

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Epic Arc Missions Epic Arc missions are storyline missions you can do after every 3 months.

Each Epic Arc offers a line of missions, with some great rewards.

You can find the Epic Arc list on the Evelopedia Epic Arc page.

It is golden rule with COSMOS that you should never do any of them without having Social to level V beforehand.

You may also receive storyline missions after doing 16 missions of a certain level as these missions give you both corporation and faction standing when completing.

The storyline agent assigned to you depends on the location as it picks the closest storyline agent to the mission agent you completed the mission with.Level 3's and 4's can be easily done in Tech 3 Cruisers as well.As long as you have decent cruiser skills, these missions should be fairly smooth, but not necessarily easy.It wasn't much later until I figured out there were a lot of better ways to increase standing.In this article I'll point out all the ways to increase your standing, and various things to be aware of when doing such. Control Tower installation is something that is usually sought after by many corporations; thus making it another way to make ISK.These are normally done for the rewards, but can be done for standing gains as well.