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Wagenheim's difficulties in coming to terms with Google downgrading article marketing directories and it's poor view of submitting multiple copies of the same article to article directories and across the internet is looked at in this useful little post.

He even goes so far as to give him/her a link to the article in question. A-Guide-To-Using-Twitter-For-Marketing-Your-Business&id=5363564 It is not actually a bad article but the very existence of this article and backlinks back to the questioners site is what causes the harm in Google's eyes. Because it breaks one of the cardinal rules of Google webmaster guidelines-the attempt to manipulate page rank or popularity by obtaining forced or contrived back links.Can you imagine the damage caused to your site by multiple, even hundreds, articles from article directories like Ezine Articles.com, Go Articles.com, Articles etc.Steve Wagenheim, a prolific author on Ezine Articles.com, has recently felt the cold winds of change blowing across the article marketing landscape.Once successful (at least according to Steve) he now openly admits to struggling with the article marketing strategy which worked well in the past.Only if your article was planted on the home page of the site would you see any seo benefit. As explained on this page already, you will see very little traffic to your article and the viewing figures have fallen drastically. And as outlined above Google is now penalizing sites which attempt to manipulate search engine rankings through article marketing on article directories.

The viewing figures for articles submitted to Ezine are truly appalling.For example Anne Pottinger has 24 published articles since 2005 with 8194 views in that time.This works out at an appalling 48 views per article per year. expert=Anne_Pottinger And Alexa Smith, posing as a Russian girl Yuliya Miranova, has published 10 articles with total views at 554.However even opponents up to now have not claimed in any large numbers that the strategy could actually harm your website and claimed some seo benefits.However Google Webmasters employee has confirmed in 2012 that submitting articles to Ezine will see your site rankings drop and fall foul of Google's rules that you do not try to manipulate page rank.This is why Google hammered article directory sites with updates like Panda and Penguin.