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He itched to touch her, his fingers were twitching with the need to just reach forward. The silky slope of her shoulder and soft column of her neck were begging for his attention."How long do we wait?

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Aeryn's hips would roll and he'd lose his spot on her sex, she'd moan her disappointment before he pulled her back in with his palm."Be still, Aeryn.""I can't…" She panted the words."Do you want to come?""Yes…" Her lips gasped as he used the hand on her breast to haul her hard back against him.She got suggestively close to Talikaa, saying that it makes you feel good to know men want you. ” Talikaa asked, and Chiana replied that men are good for other things too, but great for sex. During the series run Chiana also had an ambiguous relationship with Hubero, an Androgen (the Nebari term for an intersex child).[1] A romantic arc is defined as explicit, on screen, and lasts 3 episodes or more.It is listed as questionable or subtext if romance is only implied, dream sequences, or otherwise not explicit for the viewer.[2] Sweeps episodes air in February, May, July and November, the periods when advertising rates are set.But if he kept his lips glued to her collarbone he wouldn't miss it when her breasts finally slipped free of her tank.

They were barely concealed as it was, with all her movement, and he was eagerly anticipating the moment that she would be fully exposed.

"Plus this is my ship.""We could have-""We aren't taking yours." She just rolled her eyes at him.

That thing was barely suitable to park on Moya let alone to fly in space."Hrmph." He crossed his arms and pouted for a minute while Aeryn flew them through the meteor debris that hovered in this planets gravitational field.

In the Season 4 episode “Twice Shy”, she shared a connection with a female stowaway, Talikaa, when they were in her quarters and Chiana told her the clothes she had been given her made her look sexy.

When Talikaa asked her what “sexy” was, Chiana told her that a girl as pretty as her shouldn’t have to ask that. They were interrupted as they’re kissing or just about to kiss.

Pilot thought that we'd be able to hide here while the armada passed." She shut down the major engines one by one only keeping on the stabilizers so they wouldn't be tossed into the large meteor pieces. They'd been running for too many weekens and she'd gotten too little sleep.