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Before I get into how Alice and I met it’s probably a good idea to let you know how we both ended up in a bar in Tokyo together.

At 23 years old I was sat as a junior on a foreign exchange trading desk on the city of London when the news comes through that our expat in the Tokyo office has quit and someone needs to go out there asap.

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So 8 years on from moving to Japan its a cold cold January evening and I had gone to meet some friends in an English pub, where else would you go on a Saturday evening, and spend the evening flirting with a beautiful young English chick who blows my mind from day one.Love at first sight is an understatement, she wowed me with her passion for life and enjoying every minute of it.Is it a generational thing or are we all just as equally inept at how to pee into a cup?If anyone has an answer then please do share with us as we would both love to know.After three months of being pregnant we figured that the best thing for us was to be close to our family, Alice’s parents had just moved back to London so we started to figure out our exit plan.

The industry that I used to be in made it difficult to move countries and companies so on the last day that Alice was legally allowed to fly we boarded a plane back to the UK.

Looking back on that now we are the equivalent of 10 days away from that moving day with this pregnancy I can’t believe what a superwoman Alice was to move country, move house, but a car, be pregnant, organise shipping of our life and our dog and support me with the stress of moving jobs.

We used to have such an f you attitude to the world, us against them but being a parent changes you for the better in terms of thinking more about how your attitude to others impacts the world and with that change in attitude after only working back in the UK I quit.

But it has ended up being somewhat self indulgent and giving you a bit of background about us and how we arrived at where we are today with @london_dad.

So have a read below to find out how we met and where we came from and buy a ticket for the event next Thursday.

But like every trip to see the midwives Alice needed to give a pee sample into a cup and like every appointment before we were left wondering if there was enough liquid left in the world to force Alice’s tiny bladder to empty in the next 30 minutes.