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It is very important to keep your browser up to date because new versions bring security fixes and better web standards support.

There are several reasons why your browser might not be updated to the latest version.

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Mozilla Firefox is one of the web browsers that is continuously updated by its developers.As soon as a new update is released and becomes available for the end users, the users are instantaneously notified about the released update, and are prompted and strongly recommended to download them in order to stay protected from the external attacks and to improve the efficiency of the web browser.Mozilla, maker of Firefox, lists dozens of security vulnerabilities that existed in older versions of the browser.The Internet is a dangerous place and your business is at risk if it uses a browser that allows malicious software to infect it.Since the latest updates also contain various patches that reduce the chances of getting the Mozilla Firefox crashed while you work on it, it can be said that the web browser must be regularly updated with the most recent updates so that you can get the ultimate user experience while surfing the Internet or downloading the files.

Even the Mozilla Firefox developers understand this and therefore they have developed the browser keeping the automatic updates enabled by default.

As Mozilla releases a newer Firefox version, the company fixes many security threats that plagued the previous version.

When you launch Firefox, it may update automatically and install a newer version.

In most cases, a clean install of Firefox can solve 99% of update related issues.

Once you uninstall the browser, don't forget to delete its profile.

Mozilla designed its Firefox browser to be updated automatically.