First month of dating

Where dating is very very slow then there is a danger it will never actually fire the main engines for lift off so I actively encourage people to make the most of the dating opportunities presented.

You see, when you really like someone, you want to be with them, you want to spend all your time with them to get to know them and understand them and learn to fall in love with them.

Once again it is about trying to keep the basics in perspective.

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I can understand that circumstances may prevent regular dating for some, but I do think that if you are wanting a serious relationship to develop, proximity is helpful.

In 4 weeks of dating you should have been dating plenty of times and be getting to know the beginnings of each other.

It is the perfect time frame to know whether you are fairly compatible above and beyond the initial physical attraction.

A month of dating is a month of happy events and phone calls and memories.

You feel sick, you can't eat, you don't know what you are thinking and feeling, but you are thinking excessively. You are in your first four weeks of dating someone.

You feel happy, you feel sad, you feel unsettled, you worry, you are ecstatic. The first thing that can happen with a date is that you feel trepidation before the event.

At this stage you most certainly should not have had sex! If you really like this person you will panic and worry that you can lose them before anything has even got going.

On the other hand you may like them and panic that it could all be too much too soon and wish to run without finding out.

You may have had lots of dates and expect little but are pleasantly surprised.

You may have been building up to the date and its gone really well and you are surprised, pleasantly.

However one of the beautiful aspects of this initial period is the breaking of that regime to find small intense emotional moments with your new friend.