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Chuck became a Member of Parliament (1997-2005) in order to take their struggle to the next level, while Dona remained active in victims’ rights organizations and criminal justice reform groups. She’s a member of Surrey Mayor's Crime Task Force and the Victim’s Advisory Council to Correctional Services Canada/National Parole Board-Pacific Region, The Newton Advocacy Group Society, a Director on the Board of Surrey North Conservative Association and a staunch supporter of SOS Children's Village of BC, Covenant House, Surrey North Lions Club, plus other service organizations and charities.

Dona married Chuck Cadman (1948 - 2005) in 1969 and they had two children; a daughter Jodi, born in 1973 and a son, Jesse (1976 - 1992).

In 1992, Jesse was murdered in a random act of violence, by a group of young offenders.

In addition to residing in Germany, Dona lived on eleven different Canadian bases from coast to coast during her first 18 years.

Living in so many different areas of our country has given Dona a coast to coast love for Canada.

One program was at Providence Care Mental Hospital in Kingston, Ontario and the other at the Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health in Whitby, Ontario. Her creativity and humour always put a smile on my face.

At the U of A, Andreia has worked on a multitude of important projects that greatly impacts the everyday life of Canadians. Her continued passion to see the world continues to inspire me.She fought everyday for her family, her friends and for herself.Her courage, ambition, devotion and her adoration for all those who were around her inspire me every day.She still attends Kiwanis regularly and continues to help fundraise for the Community and is always ready to fight for the underdog.She swims regularly at the White Rock pool and told me yesterday that she can’t wait until she is 100 because then she can swim for free!!CRY was dedicated to strengthening the Federal Justice system and helping youth at risk, in the hopes of preventing future senseless acts of violence.