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Folk has come to occupy the lives of Bangladeshis almost more than any other genre of Bengali music.

Among the luminaries of the different folk traditions are Lalon Fokir, Radharaman Dutta, Hason Raja, Khursheed Nurali (Sheerazi), Ramesh Shill and Abbas Uddin.

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Fulfilled by Amazon items can be identified with an badge.The music of Bangladesh, also referred to as Bangladeshi music, comprises a long tradition of religious and secular song-writing over a period of almost a millennium.They spread the message of equality and love through their musical compositions.The Baul Singers have carved an important place for themselves in the international arena as well.They made the Bhakti Movement popular through their simple compositions.

The Baul Singers expressed their devotion and dedication to the Supreme Being in the form of beautiful compositions.

The Kirtan can be classified into four distinct categories which are known for their unique style of singing and compositions.

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The Baul Singers have popularized and influenced the western world with their vision and philosophy of equality, devotion and love for the fellow being.

Kirtan Based on the Dhrupad style of classical music, the Kirtan is a devotional song that is sung in praise of the Supreme Being.

The egalitarian society of the Bauls displays their unique yet enriched thought process.