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If you recently accepted a prompt to download an app, you may want to check if the text message or the email was really from the person or company you thought it was from. A lot of us ask this question anyway, but it’s a good idea to regularly check the charges on your phone bill.

Create virtual currencies and rates for your games. Your clients will simply have to send an SMS with a keyword to a short number, which we will also provide for you.The account owner can provide powers of attorney and rights to manage the technical information of payments.You should also follow these simple tips to keep your mobile experiences safe and sound: Keep the software on your device up to date.Malware authors design their malicious apps to take advantage of weaknesses in the software running on your device.Prior to integration, it is enough for programmers to open a free account and choose the minimum Paysera service plan.

It is enough to create a keyword and your clients can already send messages to the provided short number.

We all know that smart devices are pretty clever these days, but does your smartphone or tablet seem to have a mind of its own?

If you suspect that it does, it may be infected with mobile malware.

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