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Here you can view still images and HD video on You Tube uploaded within minutes of real-time.Our HD camera moves every minute to view 8th Street, 4th Street and A Street surf breaks.

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All you need is a web browser and an Internet connection; i Telescope. Our web-based launchpad application provides the real-time status of each telescope on the network as well as a host of other information such as a day-night map, observatory all-sky cameras and weather details.

From the launchpad you can login to any available telescope, and once connected, you’re in command.

Select from a large range of filters including narrowband, LRGB and UBVRI, as well as control pointing, filter selection, focusing, exposure times, image counts, repeat loops etc.

All data is offered in its raw FITS format calibrated and non-calibrated.

With more than 240 asteroid discoveries i Telescope.

Net is ranked within the top 50 observatories in the world by the Minor Planet Center.Net provides the tools, along with research and education grants, to support the development of astronomy or science based curriculums in schools. Net about a grant for your school or research project. We offer a variety of ways to view the night sky, including our entry level Sky Tours Live Streams. Christian Sasse, are a great way to get started with Remote Astronomy, allowing you to see our telescopes in action and learn about the Night Sky from a professional Astronomer.The network has everything from beginner telescopes with single shot colour CCDs to large format CCDs with Ha, SII and OII and LRGB filter sets.Get involved: members have used the network to provide supportive data for go/no-go decisions on Hubble space telescope missions.With science and numeracy at the forefront of the education revolution, i Telescope. The network provides alternate observatory sites in both southern and northern hemispheres and is a good way to continue research when seasonal poor weather hits your observatory.Motorcycles are powerful machines, and gunning the engine can result in a rush like no other. The Nation reports that Muang Thai Book, a textbook publisher in Thailand, recently uploaded the cover of its upcoming math textbook.