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(At least that's what I read in the porn magazines and one can learn everything a man needs to know in those! considering that about half the population of the world has one of these, it's a wonder why these men think themselves so special..addition i would add, that they usually can't understand words that have more then 2 syllables in them... " Then they get pissy for a few weeks and after much therapy, they admit the love BBC and are "addicted to**** and "love nuts." And why did that **** want to meet me so bad?It's numbers, they aren't real until the say they've had bigger. Because her wanna-be thug was in jail and I looked like a fool who'd make her feel human again. Not a fan of receiving naked pictures unless we both agree to it later on in the talking process. Im here to meet a nice guy with a good personality and morals who happens to have a nice penis.Blonde Angel - I fervently hope you provided a critique for the nice gentleman! Ok, time to be open on this one - I grew up not having a lot of self-confidence and believed what I had down below was the only thing I had going for me, incredibly sad but thats the way it goes sometimes.

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Any person dumb enough to give a stranger naked photos deserves the outcome.

It may ruin their reputation forever.lonelynow then08Oh so true!

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I have had unsolicited messages from "ladies" here that include nudes in the first message.

Most of these situations don't turn out well and I've seen many a time where these photos were passed around and even put on websites.

Any person dumb enough to give a stranger naked photos deserves the outcome. What I meant was when it is a video chat and he is calmly sitting and then for some reason stands up and he is naked :( That happened a few times....

What is worse is when you are chatting with a interesting guy, and as you are chatting he is disrobing and he is naked.....whooops my chat just crashed..