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I guess one thought is since any caller overnight is assumed important, I can just send them to the ATA and cell phone.

This would cut my number of call treatments required down from 14 to 7.

No Callcentric at that time so the phone always rang.

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One call treatment, at/near the bottom, that sends all calls to my cell if the ATA is unregistered. Using that specific radio button within the Call Treatment screen. I don't have a lot of treatments today so this isn't a huge deal for me. Here are the basic treatments I have in place, and in this order too: In phonebook group FAX -- route to extensions (ATA & one IP phone)So that's my logic.Layer 1 will whitelist and route; layer 2 blocks known undesirables; Layer 3 takes care of whoever made it that far.I used to get requests for things that sounded very easy to any rational person, but in reality were a real pain to implement (I'm a retired software engineer).Any thoughts on how to do something like this *today* without having to create 14 more call treatments?I'd only suggest that you ask them if they can consider adding that as a dev task.

Other ways to maybe expedite things: What you are trying to do, @oldschool, is exactly what I do in the manner that @PX suggests.One for each day of the week for when the ATA is registered one for each day of the week when the ATA is not registered.If Callcentric had a more flexible way to specify time ranges, this could be done in 2 call treatments.Those 3am calls are I am not sure this would work as implied...If this rule is at the bottom, it's highly likely one of the rules above it will execute based on the fact that "Any" does not preclude the "Not registered" status.Additionally, if my ATA is not registered I want those calls to go to my cell phone instead of the ATA.