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The extra space on the American wheel doubles the house edge. French roulette uses a European wheel, but an extra advantage is given to the players in that when a zero is spun the money placed on an even money bet either goes into the “prison” to be lost or won on the next spin or is split 50/50 with the house.

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Any statistical math book will tell you that the chance of a red, black, even, or odd number being spun is the same for each spin regardless of what happened in the past.Even if red was spun 50 times in a row, the next spin is entirely independent of the past and there is a 48.65 chance of a red being spun (18 red slots divided by 37 total slots).Money management systems may help increase your staying power, but there are no systems that can beat the house.In the end, the house has set up bet limits that defeat the Martingale and all of its variants.For example, a good roulette system may require analysis of hundreds of spins.

Collecting this much data can take days if the table is very busy.

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Most of the casinos in Asia feature a European roulette wheel.

This wheel differs from the American roulette wheel in the number of slots.

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