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(Make sure the implications of having a public address are understood.)Another wonderful thing about jitsi is the availability for multiple platforms and crypto support for otr or zrtp.There is also a video bridge is bandwidth is a concern on video calls.https://ch/mmmservices-help/Unified Communication... It's a lot simpler to sell to CERN and pick up 2500 users, than to sell to 2500 different barbershops.

Does anybody know an skype like echo system for sip or xmpp? The fact that you think people are making excuses to use proprietary video conferencing platforms (or other communication platforms) is why things like Text Secure and Jitsi will likely never take off.

You're really just making excuses for the Text Secure and Jitsi teams.

As for Google, they seem to actively be avoiding telephony.

For example, Gizmo5 used to offer SIP connectivity, and then Google got rid of Google Voice forwarding to Gizmo5.

If they had been faster after Google Hangouts, it never would have gained a beachhead. They had little incentive to do so until others did, and even when the writing on the wall was clear, they still faced the innovator's dilemma.

Innovator's dilemma matters if you're actually making money from your current product.And now the elimination of XMPP and the option to use Obihai.Even Google Fiber was set up as a double-play instead of a triple-play: they'll sell you Internet and television, but not phone.Afterwards, they could sell office suites, billing/accounting software, scheduling software as add-ons.Right now it is needlessly complicated for people who have minimal communication needs, and don't care about technology, to avoid huge costs.By Jeremy Wagstaff I’m writing this on a Windows PC using a great piece of Microsoft software called Windows Live Writer. As you no doubt know, Microsoft have announced they bought Skype, the …