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KUWAIT CITY, Feb 9: Two European women were arrested in Salmiya area for offering flesh pleasure at a cost of KD 150 per session.

More than 200 women have been sent to Kuwait under the disguise of better job opportunity.

Upon arrival in Kuwait their passports and cell phones were seized and the women were used as sex slaves and for domestic servitude. TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE This trafficking of vulnerable women to Kuwait reminds Africans about the Arab slave trade of 19th-century which exported 28 million Africans to Muslim Middle East and 11 million to Christian western world.

No known association or charity exists in Kuwait to campaign for LGBT rights or organize educational and social events for the LGBT community.

In 2007, the Al Arabiya news service reported that a group of Kuwaitis had applied for a permit to form a new association that would stand up for the rights of LGBT Kuwaitis.

Approximately 60 women have returned through the help of Zimbabwean embassy, NGOs, and individuals. In Zimbabwe the perpetrators including Kuwaiti embassy official have been arrested. Kuwait must arrest the perpetrators of this human trafficking.

One Zimbabwean woman related how she was raped and forced to sleep with 5 to 10 men a day in order to compensate the money her new boss or oppressor paid to traffickers.

All such interest groups or clubs have to be approved by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, which never formally replied.

Please take action against human trafficking which is modern day slavery!

And there must be prisoners of war." "Is this forbidden by Islam? For every good man in our religion, the only solution for him--when forbidden women come around, if he's tempted to sin, then the solution to this issue is for him to purchase sex slaves.

I hope that Kuwait will enact the law for this category, this category of people--the sex slaves.

I have also seen a situation in Kuwait, where a woman was abandoned by her family and so forth.